Wisconsin’s capital is located at the city of Madison, but its largest city is Milwaukee- with an estimate of a population of 5.6 million in 2008. Based on its area it is considered ranked 23rd in the US with a total area of 65,498 square miles. Based on its population, Wisconsin is ranked 20th in the United States with a total population of 5,363,675. There is one airport, the Dane County Rgnl-truax Field Airport, near Madison that offers private jet charter services. At the Dane County Rgnl-truax Field Airport, Wisconsin Aviation is the only fixed-base operator, FBO which provides aeronautical services as well as the boarding location for private jet charter flight passengers. Since Wisconsin Aviation is 5 miles from downtown Madison they are very convenient for both businesses and private individuals needing a private jet charter. Wisconsin Aviation is open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

If you are a Wisconsin based business, consider sending gift baskets filled with Wisconsin goodies as corporate gifts as an expression of your gratitude and generosity to corporate clients and employees whether it is for the holidays or after a successful business venture. Whether you are traveling by first class train, executive private jet, or limousine you can either bring with you or have sent corporate gifts that are available in many styles, sizes and price ranges. Sending a corporate gift basket filled with a number of unique Wisconsin related items is a great way to make a memorable statement. Sending branded and personalized corporate gifts with embossed ribbon, custom engraving, engraved plaques or hang tags helps to make your company stand out from the rest. Wisconsin’s 160 years of dedication to the craft of dairying is apparent with the rising popularity and variety of artisan and farmstead dairy products. Gourmet savory treats from Wisconsin should definitely include Wisconsin handcrafted artisan cheeses, cheesecake, cheese curds, and other unique cheese ideas. Add some bratwurst, Bavaria and Nueske meats, smoked sausages, crackers, and sweet Bavarian-style mustard. The significance of the state’s agricultural production on Wisconsin’s state quarter design is exemplified by the depiction of a Holstein cow, an ear of corn, and a wheel of cheese. So popcorn will be also found in a Wisconsin corporate gift basket along with maple syrup, and cranberries, which is the state fruit.

And you don’t have to be a business sending corporate gift baskets. A friend recently proposed to his future wife by delivering a gift basket that included the engagement ring. At the jewelers he was shown lots of beautifully dazzling cubic zirconia rings for sale. He then spent hours trying to decide which cz ring to buy. He finally settled on an absolutely gorgeous brilliant cut round cubic zirconia engagement ring, showcasing a 1 carat AAA high quality, IGI certified round center stone set in prongs. The round center stone cubic zirconia was set in a double halo encircled setting while the halos were jeweled with small round cz stones in pave setting. The split shank also had pave set stones. His girlfriend was stunned needless to say. So they nibbled on Wisconsin handcrafted artisan cheeses, sipped Wisconsin beer, and started planning a wedding to be held in a well known venue called the Dells Bells Wedding Gazebo where guests enjoy a 70 foot high perch overlooking the Wisconsin River and famous Dell Rock formations. As the maid of honor I think the location is a great choice, although Wisconsin offers numerous beautiful locations for destination weddings from a private country club with panoramic views of Lake Mendota, to Cold Water Canyon, a beautiful, shady tributary glen on the Wisconsin River that is an exclusive retreat for private gatherings. Hurrah all things Wisconsin!

What to drink with all these savory goodies? Beer – from any number of small fabulous breweries that are located throughout the state! While the mega-breweries that once made Wisconsin famous such as Miller Brewing, Schlitz, Blatz, and Pabst have largely disappeared or have merged, they have been replaced by a flock of innovative craft brewers. For those with a sweet tooth there is plenty of Wisconsin based gourmet desserts to add to a corporate gift basket including cakes, pastries, pies, cookies, cheese cake, and danish kringle. Since Wisconsin also has a number of wineries, there is no reason not to add a few bottles, along with some wine glasses to a sweet filled corporate gift basket. It’s never been easier to send corporates gifts that well represent the great state of Wisconsin. However, before sending any corporate gifts check with the client’s company regarding their gift policy.

The religion of Wisconsin is predominantly Christian, chiefly Roman Catholic and Lutheran, with only one percent declaring a religion other than Christianity.

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