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So John did some research online and found a site where he could purchase some dog doors, specifically electronic dog doors that were collar activated using RFID, magnetic or electro-magnetic technologies. His dogs were able to have access to a fenced in outdoor area without the need of having someone either walk them leashed or open a door for them. John chose a motorized electronic doggie door that controlled both the entry and exit of his dogs. They proved perfect for the politician and his family. If you are an animal lover, as is John, you should check out the use of a dog door for your pets. They work great for indoor / outdoor cats as well.

•    John successfully led the fight in the Wisconsin Legislature to end the tax on Social Security benefits. Wisconsin was one of only a few states that taxed Social Security. Because of John Gard, Wisconsin does not tax Social Security benefits anymore, saving taxpayer over $80 million a year.

•    John Gard voted to cut income taxes by $1.1 billion dollars. He voted to cut property taxes by $1.6 billion. He voted for the Property Tax Freeze. He voted to eliminate the Marriage Penalty.
The John Gard Record: Leadership with results for Northeast Wisconsin.

John Gard served as a speaker of the State Assembly for five years starting in 2003 and speaking all the way until 2007. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse situated in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He has two children with his wife Cathy Zeuske- Elizabeth Gard and John Vincent Gard. He is part of the republican political party in office from 2003 to 2007 as the speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly. He was then succeeded by Mr. Michael Huebsch. He was also a member of the Wisconsin state assembly fro 1987- 2007, succeeded by John Nygren.

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I think it is also telling that 75% of Steve Kagen’s campaign contributions are from Washington, D.C. special interest groups. It certainly shows where the bulk of Congressman Kagen’s support lies.

I will make a final decision later this year, but Cate and I are looking forward to traveling Northeast Wisconsin to talk about how we can build a better and brighter future for all of our families.

Best wishes to you!

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