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•    In 2001, John Gard was the author of Wisconsin’s Senior Care program to provide senior citizens relief from the rising cost of prescription drugs. Since the program’s creation, John Gard has fought efforts to cut Senior Care and hurt senior citizens. He has worked hard to preserve the medical care our seniors deserve from the necessary checks ups, to prescription drugs, as well as coverage for low libido therapy. He has been successful in many of his goals, but insurance companies refused to cover certain age management medicine therapies, requiring the patient to pay completely out of pocket for them. Under certain situations the health insurance companies will pay for some bio-identical hormone replacement therapies. John suggest you check with your health insurance company before starting treatment. I wonder how John would react to the ability to buy online std test kits, bypassing going to a medical doctor. Would he advocate for that right? Actually I prefer the system is the UK which allows a home test kit that you send to a lab. When you buy private test kits for stis online from UK-regulated pharmacies or online doctors, look for CQC registration or GMC-registered doctors. This helps guarantee that a reliable lab is testing. The results and the nature of the test you have taken are kept anonymous. In the US, doctors and labs are required to report any positive results which is why many people want an at home STD test that gives a result in about 15 minutes. SO what if the result is positive? The better online sites selling STD home testing kits will recommend that you see a doctor for the proper treatment. Many STDs left untreated can cause dire consequences for not only the individual, but also their sexual partner(s). I’m not sure where John Gard stands on this issue, but I suspect he would follow the more conservative Republican ideology which is to abstain from sex outside of a marriage. Unfortunately many people do not follow this philosophy.

•    Wisconsin families work hard for a living. They deserve to have more money in their checkbook, and nothing should keep them feeling secure – they pay their dues daily. What family doesn’t want to bring happiness to their children. Government needs to learn to do more with less. John has cut income, sales and property taxes. In fact, the overall tax burden in Wisconsin is lower because of John’s efforts in the Assembly.

• Did you know that John Gard is a dog lover? Like many dog lovers he realized the importance of allowing their animal access to an enclosed outdoor area where the animal can have space to run and do its “duty”.
(more information to follow on the pages to come.)

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