Green Bay II

More groups of people started immigrating to the Green Bay area in the 1850’s. There was an influx of Belgian, German, Scandinavian, Irish and Dutch immigrants as word spread of America’s good soil and cheap land. There were more newcomers from Belgium than elsewhere. All of the immigrants quickly cleared land to farm and build homes on.

The railroad arrived in the 1860’s which allowed people and products to travel across the state easily. This increased trade opportunities and business. The area was able to grow and enrich itself with the plentiful timber resources as well as the convenience of the river. These factors led to the paper industry becoming a major part of Green Bay, employing or otherwise supporting a lot of the residents & leading to the port opening for international trade. At the 300 year anniversary president Franklin D Roosevelt came to Green Bay to honor its tercentenary. By 1950 the population had grown to almost 53,000 people. Some time in 1964 the small town of Preble had to consolidate with the city because it has grown so much.

A Note of Interest: I was surprised when I spoke to my favorite aunt who told me that she has distant relatives on her father’s side who ended up in the Green Bay area in the US. Since my aunt was a pioneer in the Australian real estate profession that was widely dominated by men when she entered many years ago, I’m sure she can relate to those distant relatives as they carved out a place for themselves at the end of the 19th century in what would become Green Bay, Wisconsin.

– Notable Residents –
David Agry * Jurist and legislator

Charles C. P. Arndt * Territorial Legislator

John Penn Arndt * Territorial legislator

Robert C. Bassett * U.S. Presidential advisor

John W. Byrnes * U.S. Representative

James R. Charneski * Wisconsin State Assemblyman

Ebenezer Childs * Territorial legislator

Paul F. Clark * Nebraska State Representative

Charles Doty, surveyor, military officer, Wisconsin State Assembly

James Duane Doty * U.S. Representative

W.F. Doyle * Michigan State Senator

Albert Gallatin Ellis * Territorial legislator

Mark Green * U.S. Representative

John A. Gronouski * U.S. Postmaster General

Rosemary Hinkfuss * Wisconsin State Assemblywoman

John S. Horner * Governor of Michigan Territory

Timothy O. Howe * U.S. Postmaster General

Thomas R. Hudd * U.S. Representative

James F. Hughes * U.S. Representative

Joshua L. Johns * U.S. Representative

Jay W. Johnson * U.S. Representative, Director of the U.S. Mint

Fred F. Kaftan * Wisconsin State Senator

Carol Kelso * Wisconsin State Assemblywoman

Thomas F. Konop * U.S. Representative

Gustav Kustermann * U.S. Representative

Barbara Lawton * Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin

John E. Martin * Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Joseph Martin * Wisconsin State Assemblyman

Ben Overton * Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court

John W. Reynolds, Jr. * Governor of Wisconsin

John Joseph Ryba * Wisconsin State Assemblyman

Parlan Semple * Wisconsin State Assemblyman

Stephen Mack, Jr. * adventurer, founder of Rockton, Illinois

– Military –
Steven E. Day * U.S. Coast Guard admiral

Admiral James H. Flatley * World War II naval aviator

Lawrence J. Fleming * U.S. Air Force Major General

George Clay Ginty * Union Army general

Edward C. Krause * Distinguished Service Cross recipient

William Emery Merrill * military engineer

Dennis Murphy * Medal of Honor recipient

Austin Straubel, World War II army aviator

James R. Van Den Elzen * U.S. Marine Corps general

– Religion –
Claude – Jean Allouez * Jesuit missionary

Anton Anderledy * Superior General of the Society of Jesus

Frank Joseph Dewane * American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church

Adam Maida * Archbishop Emeritus of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit

Beth Moore * evangelical

Otto Tank & the Tank family

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