Green Bay

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Green Bay, WI. is located at the head of Green Bay, a sub-basin of lake Michigan at the mouth of Fox River. The elevation is 581 feet above sea level & it is located 112 miles North of Milwaukee. The population is near 110,000 people. It is the 3rd largest city in the state behind Milwaukee & Madison as well as being the 3rd largest city on the West shore of Lake Michigan after Chicago & Milwaukee.

The city is the home of the Green Bay Packers of the NFL. This makes it the smallest metropolitan area in the United States to host a major pro sports team. Green Bay is an industrial city with lots of paper & meatpacking plants as well as a port on Green Bay, an arm of Lake Michigan that locals refer to as the bay of Green Bay, to avoid confusion with the name of the city. The city is home of the National Railroad Museum, the Neville Public Museum & the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.

The founder of New France, Samuel de Champlain, commissioned Jean Nicolet to form an alliance with Indians who were interfering with French trade & possibly to find a faster route to China through Canada. Nicolet learned of a new land from the Indian people & set out on a journey shortly before the winter of 1634. He followed what would later become a French fur trading route all the way to Lake Michigan & is believed to have landed at Red Banks which is near the modern day city of Green Bay. As a fatter of fact a small trading post was established there by that team in 1634. It was originally called La Baye or La Baie des Puants which is French for the stinking bay.

A few months after Nicolet returned from his quest, Champlain died & trips to the newly discovered land were halted for some time. Nicolas Perrot was the next person sent to La Baie at the request of Pere Claude Allouez. After this, the French would avoid the area because of the intensity of Indian & European wars. In 1671 a Jesuit Mission was set up in the area followed by a fort in 1717. The town was incorporated in 1754 & it was passed into British control in 1761.

Wisconsin got their first newspaper in 1833 even though they were not even a state until 1848. The Green Bay Intelligencer, was first published by Albert Ellis & John V. Suydam. By 1850 the town had a population of 1923 & by 1854 the town was incorporated as the city of Green Bay in 1854. Soon came the Green Bay Area Public School District founded in 1856. The 1850’s marked a time of much time for the city.

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