John Gard ran for two 8th congressional district elections, loosing both times to Mr. Steven L. Kagen. In 2006, it was 51% to 49%. Steven Kagen had 141,598 whilst John Gard ran short with only 134,990. Steven Kagen replaced former Rep. Mark Green. In 2008, John Gard challenged Steven Kagen again. Now if you were to put down a wager, whom do you think won? In the world of online gambling here in the USA, the odds in this district which is Republican leaning would have been for John Gard, the Republican. And the candidates position on online gambling played strongly into the outcome for several reasons. In fact, this race’s outcome was not like the odds for online slots USA or even roulette which favors the house (in this case the Republican leaning district) by large margins, especially when the games are targeted – that is, slots games for players in the US. Perhaps the race was closer to blackjack or baccarat which are traditionally known to be the games with the lowest house edge. However, this was 2008, the year of a presidential election that swept Barack Obama to the White House. So many democrats running were swept along with the euphoria and passion surrounding the presidential race.

My aunt from Australia was here during the fall elections. I think it was a real treat for her to watch US politics in work. Democrats, Republicans, it was all too much. She had actually come to the US to consult on the building of gardens for a private and rather wealthy man , formally from Australia, but now a US citizen. The gentleman, who must remain unnamed, was an admirer of my aunt, and her gardens that she had created at her family home just outside of Sydney. They are quite magnificent for private gardens and he wanted her input. It just so happened that he was a supporter of John Gard and other national republican candidates who were running in 2008. We were invited to his spacious home on the eve of the election to watch the results come in. I do believe he thought, just like so many other Republicans that John McCain would win. The evening was obviously a downer for the Republicans. But my aunt enjoyed herself and over the next weeks worked with the anonymous gentleman’s gardeners, providing important input to the selection of shrubs, trees, and flowers that bring the flavor of Australian to this man’s gardens.

Now back to John Gard. It turns out that he was just running in the wrong year. Steven Kagen, the Democrat retained his seat finishing in the lead with 193,261 to John Gard with 164,561 votes. Although Gard was the Republican nominee, he was defeated by Steven Kagaen, a Democrat, both times.

Wisconsin’s eighth congressional district of the United States House of Representatives is located in northeastern Wisconsin. If John Gard had been running in 2004, when Republican George W. Bush (former president of the United States) was running in a presidential election, he would have done much better considering the republican who actually ran that year won by 55% of the votes. But in 2008, Democrat Barack Obama – current president of the United States- took 53.6% of the votes in the district to the detriment of John Gard’s bid to be elected.

The Wisconsin State Assembly has between around fifty- four and a hundred members. Its size is limited by Wisconsin’s constitution. In 2010, the Democratic Party controlled the assembly by a margin of 52 – 46 – 1. But by 2014 the Republicans had regained the majority 58-39 Democratic-1 independent.

The Assembly officers were as followed for the years of 2009 to 2010:

Speaker Pro Tempore: Tony Staskunas

Minority Leader: Jeff Fitzgerald

Speaker: Michael J. Sheridan

Tom Nelson

Assistant Majority Leader: Donna Seidel

Sergeant at Arms: William Nagy

Assistant Minority Leader: Mark Gottlieb

Majority Caucus Chair: Peter Barca

Scott Suder

Chief Clerk: Patrick Fuller

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Now, let us get back to more about Wisconsin. The flag of the state of Wisconsin is a dark blue with a shield and two men standing on either side. It was originally made in 1863 for battlefield use then later adapted for the whole community.

Politics in the early days of Wisconsin consisted of the national conflict over slavery. It soon became a state of abolition. Economically, Wisconsin was home to many railroads to help connect the ends of the state and transport the large amount of grains to markets.

Wisconsin’s climate is usually humid with the highest reached temperature at 114 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius). The lowest the temperature has ever reached was -55 degrees Fahrenheit (-48 degrees Celsius). However, mainly the temperature stays in the middle with a humid surrounding.

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