Since 1987, John Gard served as a member of the State Assembly, representing the 89th Assembly District and eventually leading the Republicans as Speaker of the Assembly in the Wisconsin State Legislature. He is married to Mrs. Cathy Zeuske who is a former Wisconsin State Representative.

John has a record of leadership and knows how to work with the state legislature to get things accomplished for the people in Northeast Wisconsin. John Gard has been a leader on many conservative causes. He is strongly pro-life and has been a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment. As Speaker and the Republican leader, Gard’s main focus has been fighting wasteful government spending, opposing tax increases and authoring Wisconsin’s welfare reform law that requires able-bodied people to find work and get off welfare. He has also considered legislation to prevent shark-like practices of companies or people who prey on people seeking a structured settlement loan. His research revealed scenarios where people, receiving payments from a structured settlement, find they have a need for immediate cash and think the best way of receiving cash is to get a structured settlement loan. However, there may be a better solution called a lump sum cash option. John Gard wanted to make sure that people with structured settlements are aware of their options and protected against ruthless people taking advantage of them. No legislation has passed to date, but more information has been disseminated to the public in an awareness campaign both in local newspapers and magazines that appears very successful. The government’s website also offers links to articles about the different types of structured settlements and the pros and cons regarding settlements.

He also was interested in e-commerce and the security of the web. A wife’s experience purchasing Jon Renau wigs at ElegantWigs.com alerted him to the possibility of secure websites handling credit information being hacked. Not only his wife, but several staff members frequently bought wigs. They made it possible for the women to never have a “bad hair day” while on the road campaigning. In one case, his wife made the wig purchase purchase and wig the wig arrived within a short time. However, when his wife received her credit card bill the following month, there were additional charges that she hadn’t made. Her first reaction was that the credit card information she had given on the e-commerce wig store had somehow been compromised. As it turned out it was the credit card company that had its security breached not the e-commerce wig site. Nevertheless, this episode made John Gard aware of the dangers now lurking via the Internet. Although he never introduced any legislation regarding Internet security while he was a legislator, there have been numerous security breaches since he left office in 2007. His awareness and concern was justified.

Supporting victims of maritime injuries due to flawed safety policies on commercial vessels and rigs has become a priority ever since a maritime attorney in Lafayette Louisiana pointed out the issue. This is a problem affecting blue collar workers who are victims of both the accidents and the greed of large corporations looking to avoid accountability when injuries occur on their equipment. A Lafayette maritime lawyer represents these injured victims on consignment, receiving no fee unless a settlement is reached. Supporting these law firms helps both the injured party and citizens in general by drawing attention to the problems on board commercial vessels. John has advocated for the workers’ rights since he first became aware of this in his state as well as in Louisiana.

There are websites that show John G. Gard’s ratings and endorsements. Below is a list of some.
Citizens United Political Victory Fund
“Citizens United Political Victory Fund (CUPVF) is registered with the Federal Election Commission as a separate, segregated fund of Citizens United. Its mission is to support conservative candidates running for federal office who share Citizens United’s vision of reducing the size and scope of government, lowering taxes, cutting spending, promoting traditional family values, and winning the war on terror.”
Wisconsin Right to Life
Our mission is: ‘To make euthanasia, infanticide, abortion and destruction of human embryos socially, ethically and legally unacceptable solutions to human problems and to promote positive alternatives to each of these acts.'” The organization endorsed the following representatives in that year.
Ratings from:
ACLU of Wisconsin – Positions on Civil Rights Issues 0%
Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce – Positions on Pro-Business Policy 100%
Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce – Positions 92%
Wisconsin AFL-CIO – Positions 20%

He received campaign finance from a number of sources. 75% of the total amount raised came from an identifiable industry within Wisconsin.The top industries who gave him funds included health professionals, general contractors, insurance, hospitals and nursing homes, lawyer firms, commercial banks, real estate, electric utilities, food & beverage, and building materials and equipment. Top contributors included contributions from an organization’s employees, their family members and political action committees.

A native of Lena, Wisconsin, John Gard grew up on his family’s dairy farm and is one of eight children. He has a degree in political science and public administration from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.

Gard is married to Cate Zeuske, who formerly served as Secretary of the Department of Revenue, Wisconsin State Treasurer, and member of the Assembly. They have two children, Elisabeth (Libby) and John Vincent.

John has received a number of awards and honors, including:

Outstanding Leadership Award, Wisconsin Department of Veteran’s Affairs, March 2004
•    Legislator of the Year, Wisconsin State Council of Vietnam Veterans of America, 1999-2000
•    Commander’s Award for Public Service, Department of Army, October 1999
•    Legislator of the Year, American Legion, July 1999
•    Legislator of the Year, National Republican Legislators Association, 1997
•    Award of Distinction, Wisconsin State Troopers’ Association, 1997
•    Friend of Industry, Wisconsin Landscape Federation, 2003
•    Friend of Agriculture, Farm Bureau, 1995-96
•    Friend of Forestry, Wisconsin County Foresters Association, November 2002
•    Law Enforcement Support Award, Milwaukee Police Association, October 2003
•    Bipartisan Legislators Organized Outreach (BLOOD) Award, American Red Cross, September 2003

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