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  • 8-24-10 —  John Gard has endorsed Reid Ribble in NE Wisconsin’s 8th District GOP primary. The winner of the primary will face Gard’s old opponent, Steve Kagen, come election day. Gard said, “Ribble is the one person in this race that can beat Steve Kagen.” while Ribble stated “maybe no one knows more about this district and running against Dr. Kagen than him.”

The below and the following pages are presented verbatim from the original Gard for Congress website from 2007-2008, and any first-person language reflects the original author or subject rather than that of the current owners of this domain, who have no affiliation with John Gard or related organizations.

Remember 2006: John Gard was an arch-enemies of medical marijuana. It was good news for Wisconsin medical marijuana supporters when both Mark Green and John Gard went down to defeat and back to private life!

Jump to 2014: The Wisconsin legislative session has adjourned, and a very limited medical cannabis bill was passed and signed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. The new law, A.B. 726, exempts a very limited class of individuals from criminal penalties for the use and possession of cannabidiol “in a form without a psychoactive effect.” The law allows individuals with seizure disorders to possess non-psychoactive cannabidiol if they have their physician’s written approval. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give patients a realistic way to obtain their medicine in Wisconsin. Unlike other more progressive states, edible marijuana products, even those with low THC and non-psychoactive cannabidiols will not be accessible in the near future. And the April Session’s adjournment means the death of A.B. 810, a bill which would have ended Wisconsin’s marijuana prohibition by replacing it with a system that legalizes adults’ marijuana use and possession and taxes its sales, similar to how the state regulates alcohol. You don’t have to guess how John GArd would have reacted to this piece of legislation even in its limited form.

Help Bring Wisconsin values back to the 8th district!

I’ve taken the first steps towards gathering the resources I’ll need to run a winning campaign to represent the 8th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.  I believe the people of Northeast Wisconsin deserve a congressman who will look out for the best interests of our hard-working families and fight for our Wisconsin values.

We will be having a fund raiser later this month. The event will include a dinner, a silent auction featuring “mystery walleye baskets” filled with all US and Wisconsin products. They will be themed according to what is in them which is part of the mystery. If you have never attended a silent auction you will find it is lots of fun. We plan to raffle off one that will include a signed picture of former President Bush an his wife with me. There’s a note about making sure you pay attention to the specially ornamented princess (??) at this event who will be personally presenting the lucky winners. We will keep you up to date with all the event’s activities. Looking forward to seeing you all there and wish you luck on winning one of our Wisconsin “mystery walleye baskets”.

We’re a bit confused, as you might be able to tell. Is it an animal, vegetable, fruit, fish, and what differentiates it from a princess in a princess dress? And if it’s a princess is the princess dress a requirement? And if not, what does a walleye have to do with it all? Questions, questions, questions!

As soon as we figure it out, we’ll be sure to let you know.

PS: We did figure out what a princess dress is. You can find princess dresses in all forms at! we’re city dudes and seeing princesses in dresses is not entirely out of line with reality, no matter what the occasion. Prince or princess, you’ve got to dress the role, don’t you? Not sure the “mystery walleye basket” comes with it, or even if it is in any way connected to the royalty, but even so we feel we’re making progress.

Steve Kagen and I have some very real differences on some of the most important issues facing our country like the mortgage and foreclosure crisis. For information to avoid foreclosure visit Nationwide Biweekly Administration.

Since his election to Congress, Steve Kagen voted for a budget that would pave the way for the largest tax increases in American history.  I believe families are seeing too much of their paychecks taken up in taxes.  I would have voted differently.

Steve Kagen voted to spend Social Security dollars on other government programs.  I believe Social Security dollars should be spent on Social Security only.  I would have voted differently.

Steve Kagen voted against fully funding the construction of a fence to guard our borders, and he voted to allow illegal immigrants to have access to federal housing assistance funds.  I believe we should stop rewarding illegal behavior and start protecting our borders – immediately. I would have voted differently.

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